2015 Ride Schedule

Ride Schedule for 2015

Please let me know if you’re planning to come on any of these.

Jan 30:  NSL Hills Ride the steepest hills around, should be above the inversion, paved.  Meet at Hatch Park at 10:00.  (Or snow biking up Skyline?…) Change of plans due to the warm weather and clean air!  Antelope Island, flat, fast ride.

Feb 27:  Antelope Island:  90 miles, flat, paved.  Meet at Bountiful City Park at 9:00

March 13:  Golden Spike:  100 miles, flat, paved.  Ride from Ogden to GSNM.

March 28-Apr 3:  Spring Break in Moab!

April 11: Willard Bay 200k Brevet

April 18:  White Rim in One Day!

April 25:  SLR 300k

May 8:  SLR 400k

June 5:  Big Cottonwood / Cascade Springs Loop:  85 miles, long steep climbing, 5 miles of dirt

June 19:  Bear River Descent or Monte Loop on the Solstice

June 27-28: MS 150

July 3:  Francis & Bountiful Peaks:  climbing dirt roads

July 11:  Crusher in the Tushar

July 17:  High Uintas North Slope BP

TBD:  Wasatch Plateau BP

Sept 5:  Park City Point 2 Point

Sept 25:  Wabbit

Oct 9:  Daniel and the Wolf

(Subject to change, dependent on weather.)






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